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The online check-in tool -30 seconds, 3 easy steps!

Reduce costs and time for the check-in of your guests at your hotel and all the rental accommodations.

Affordable and seamless digital solution, linkable to your management systems that provides a pleasant check-in experience.

provide your guests with a simple, fast and pleasant check-in experience. chekin

Why Welcomeasy?

Welcomeasy simplifies bureaucracy, automates work, increases performance, and saves you time that you can finally dedicate entirely to welcoming your guests.

Welcomeasy is a dynamic platform in constant development. We work every day to increase its potential and provide you with more and more innovative working tools.

A single solution for managing, tracking, and storing check-ins: with Welcomeasy, in addition to the mobile App, you have access to a platform to menage and track all your check-ins in real-time. Whether you are the owner of one flat or the manger of several facilities, Welcomeasy is the easiest and super-fast solution.

With Welcomeasy you acquire you guest’s data in 30 seconds, by scanning the documents from your mobile phone and automatically submit the form to the authorities, to the relevant regional ISTAT portal, and automatically calculate the Tourist Tax.

Key features

Scan documents with your smartphone: When guests arrive, you can scan documents directly with your smartphone to acquire the data you need, thanks to the MRZ digital recognition.

Send all the information to the authorities: You can send the forms to the Authorities directly from the App, without having to connect to the Authority’s portal website; you can manage the communication of tourist flows to ISTAT and calculate the tourist tax.

Mobile App and web platform: In addition to the mobile App, you’ll have access to a web platform to manage all your activities in real-time. With a single login, you will be able to download and order all your check-in receipts in one place, sorting them by individual Authorities Portal Web and ISTAT.

Track and store the data collected: The data will be stored on our servers in full respect of privacy according to the GDPR. Welcomeasy also guarantees the storage of receipts without any time limit.

Online check-in: With online check-in, you allow your guests to register themselves before they arrive at the property. All you have to do is send the check-in link generated by Welcomeasy to your guest and wait to receive the form filled in with their details and documents.

Manage your check-in managers: If you are the owner of several facilities or you are a property manager, you can manage the status of all check-ins wherever and whenever you want. You will be able to organize the work of your employees in real-time, by setting up roles and tasks as well as analyzing reports and graphs of the various stays.

PMS integration: Welcomeasy supports and synchronizes all the movements and properties from your PMS systems: manage your bookings directly from Welcomeasy to make the relevant check-ins quickly and easily.