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Connect everyone

One master app to streamline your operational data, labor management, staff productivity, and external relationships with customers or service providers

  • Integrations : OTA, PMS & Channels

    Doinn syncs calendars from 50+ platforms including airbnb, and VRBO. Fetch property and booking details from 20+ PMS/Channel Managers through direct integrations

  • Data imports by Excel/CSV

    Setup your account in no time importing via Excel/CSV all your teams, checklists, properties details and property instructions

  • Timesheet (clock-in/out) & Attendance

    All clock-in and clock-out hours ready to report and download, simplify the time management of your staff

  • Employee roles & permissions

    Six company account roles to give your staff different permissions: business owner, admin, manager, coordinator, supervisor, service worker

  • Customers & Providers Co-Operation

    Powerful, bi-directional partnership. Providers can also be granted permission to directly create services, checklists and automations on behalf of customers, streamlining projects and boosting collaboration

  • Providers accounts (free)

    Manage and invite providers to have a free account and mobile app in Doinn, improve communications, payments and automate jobs you send to them. Connected accounts capabilities to automate your operations.

  • Customers/Owners accounts (free)

    Manage and invite customers to have a free account and mobile app in Doinn, improve communications, payments and automate jobs and QA tools. Connected accounts capabilities to simplify your operations.

  • Employees Payroll

    Get acess to the payroll details of your people in real time, filter and export by dates or by workers. Additionally, gain insights into the margins you achieve per service worker by comparing them to the sales they generate

Automate everything

Put your property operations in auto-pilot. Enjoy our auto-scheduling, rostering and dispatch power together with the most robust service pricing tools in the market

  • World class scheduling power

    Most complete scheduling tool in the market, try it today, we will return your subscription if your scheduling needs are not possible to automate in Doinn! Try our powerful scheduling based on reservations or recurrent dates

  • Services workflow automations

    Powerful scheduling workflows triggered by all the options you need: reservation lenght, number of guests, custom variables based on guests decisions, distance from previous reservations or to next reservations

  • Drag & drop rostering tools

    Dispatch and assign jobs to your service workers or service providers in seconds using our automations or dispatching drag and drop capabilities. You can also dispatch default workers per property

  • Service pricing tools

    Define all types of service pricing and duration for your housekeeping, laundry, linen rental, maintenance, inspection, delivery, meet & greet, supplies or consumables

  • Service extras management

    Easily update the services from the mobile app or desktop adding or removing extras to each service. Extras confirmations can be configured if required

  • Automate services based on guests/tenants decisions

    Scheduling decisions can be automated based on PMS or Channel Manager custom variables

  • Services and Supplies by property

    Define details of services per property. Customize cleaning extras, additional cleaning time, number of laundry items or supplies/consumables

  • Integration-triggered service updates

    Automatic updates of services from integrations changes. Job Confirmations between job requester and job executer based on settings and notice period configure per service catalogue

Elevate everyday

Quality Assurance and Performance tools to help you deliver consistent customer experience and improve service quality

  • Multilingual chat & notifications

    Instantly get the translation of the chat messages to any language in the world. Notifications that will save you time such as next day services, new services, service notes with photos, etc

  • Service time tracking

    Start and Stop control for all services. Become more effcient comparing services times and duration. Insights for expected vs real service times per property or service workers

  • Account/mobile app for service workers

    Simple and easy to use frontline mobile app where your supervisors and service workers can upload relevant serice info as well as photos or videos of the properties.

  • Quality tools (job summary, inspections)

    Job summaries sent in real time, job summary link, inspections, problem reports, service score and more. Check today all our quality tools that will help you take your service quality to the next level

  • Issues management

    Issues management system using service notes capabilities. Categories available are: missing items, damages report or generic issues

  • Checklists

    Use checklists to make sure your workers don’t forget all requirements you have for the property services

  • Priority services flag

    Get informed in real time about all priority services when properties have check-out and check-in the same day

  • Share post-service job summaries & photos/videos

    Share with your customers and owners the jobs summary link with start/finish times, issues, checklist and photos/videos

Predict everyway

Get to know your financial numbers in real time. Forecast and analyse OPEX costs and logistic needs

  • Real-Time operational insights

    Efficiency and Productivity made simple. Indicators by quality, time/schedule, people & teams, financials, logistics

  • Laundry and stocks Logistics

    Monitor and predict all logistic needs for current and future dates 2 months in advance. Predict and avoid surprises

  • Real time business reports

    Most complete set of reports in the market. Reports available: attendance, payroll, quality of work, arrivals, P&L, sales, purchases

  • Operational & financial data forecast

    Data Prediction for optimizing scheduling, logistics and workforce needs based on future services

Buy professional services

Scale and automate your property management operations with Doinn features, tools and support. Embrace the freedom to focus on business growth as you delegate tasks to trusted experts.

  • Doinn as your procurement team

    Our operations teams will work hard to ensure you get the best service. Doinn has more than 300 vetted service providers in hundreds of cities for you to grow faster and with confidence. You can seamless work with different providers

  • Professional housekeeping, integrated linen, towels and amenities

    Complete integrated solutions & supplies. Our team of Doinners will setup and automate all scheduling to get the best local providers with an optimized turn-key solution (request quotation to our team)

  • Auto payments & invoices for providers

    Send and/or receive invoices automatically (availability depending on location)

  • Dedicated account manager to help you scale your company

    Outsource professional housekeeping services and other turnover services. We give super-powers to the best local providers by using top notch optimization software

Sell more professional services

Explore our features to sell more and instantly digitize your company growing your company with Doinn tech & data

  • Doinn as your sales team

    Our experient sales team with many years of industry experience will be actively looking for property managers with a good size portfolio to request your services for their properties

  • Free account and jobs setup

    After our screening process, the team of Doinners will setup and automate all scheduling. You will receive the jobs directly in your account with correct duration and pricing

  • Auto payments by customers

    Auto payments for all services sold in Doinn platform. Payment done directly in your bank account after issuing invoice (requires stripe connection, available only in some countries)

  • Dedicated account manager to help you grow your company

    Support for your needs, get more sales and immediate digital transformation with tools to help your company and direct support of your account manager

Best companies trust Doinn

“After 9 years in the industry, I learned the importance of giving the guests the choice to pay for the mid-stay cleans if that makes them feel safe and comfy”

Juan del Valle, Operations Manager at HomingHere

We love Doinn flexibility, their tech allows me to manage the cleaning services in several cities, some are done by our team of cleaners and some are outsourced to their cleaning partners. As an international property manager, there is no other solution better than Doinn.

Isidro García, COO, The Oasis plan

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